It is extremely encouraging to see green tech such as AQUAECOSRORS being introduced to the industry, which increases OER so efficiently and reduces the toxicity of palm oil discharge so effectively. It is not every day that such an innovative and commercially-viable green technology is made available to market.”

– Dr Zulkifli Ab. Rahman, Malaysian Palm Oil Board

When I was introduced to the AQUAECOSRORS filtration system, I knew this technology will help to solve many of the existing problems in FELCRA related to effluent. First it will solve the effluent discharge problem. Second it will help us to increase our OER and prevent anymore oil going into the effluent pond which we are also recovering to sell as sludge oil. Besides better profit for the mill and less pollution to the environment, the technology would also contribute to FELCRA corporate good governance in that this AQUAECOSRORS system will contribute in reducing greenhouse gases. We will have played our small part in reducing global warming.”

– Datuk Ramlee Abu Bakar, CEO FELCRA May 2016

At a time when the palm oil industry is facing continued international criticism over its environmental performance, I believe AQUAECO Tech’s novel approach to solving the significant challenges of waste generation from oil mills will go a long way to altering the negative perception. The best way to solving a problem is to prevent it from happening in the first place, and this is what makes the AQUAECOSRORS process unique. Not only that, it does so by turning a threat (and expense) into an opportunity for additional revenue through product recovery. Therefore, it is a great business investment.

Like it or not, environmental standards will continue to rise. It’s therefore prudent for businesses to anticipate the future by putting in place long term solutions. AQUAECO Tech is precisely doing this by working on an innovative zero-waste program which will dramatically shrink the carbon foot-print of future oil milling operations.”

– Raymond Yap, Former Group CEO of Cognis Oleochemicals & Board of Director of MPOB, 2000-2010