For mill owners

Mill owners will get added profit from the oil recovered. The oil extraction rate, with the use of the AQUAECOSRORS installation, is increased by 0.4-0.6% (of FFB) depending on the oil loss in the raw sludge and raw sludge produced in the mill.

Whilst 0.4-0.6% may not seem like a lot, it works out to be an additional RM3.8 million a year using current palm oil prices.

Just look at the maths.

A 60mt/hr mill processing 300,000mt FFB per year, with 65% raw sludge production (with 1% oil loss) will recover about 1,462mt of oil per year using the AQUAECOSRORS technology. With the price of crude palm oil (‘CPO’) at RM2,600/mt, as of October 2016, that is equivalent to RM3.8 million in one year, or a net revenue of  RM10 -13/mt FFB.

There will be ample saving on the annual desludging cost of RM150,000 to RM250,000 as there will be no more suspended solids going into the ponds and the BOD has reduced by 70% going into the ponds.

For the Palm Oil Commodity sector

Overall, Malaysia has 4.5 million hectares of palm oil plantations, with an average of about 20mtFFB/ha and an average oil extraction rate of 20%.

With a mere increase of 0.5% in oil extraction rate that the AQUAECOSRORS solution provides, the industry has an additional 450,000mt of CPO.

At the current prices of RM2,600/mt, that would be RM1.17 billion a year of what would have been simply thrown away as raw sludge.

Malaysia has a target to increase its oil extraction rate under the Economic Transformation Programme’s EPP 4: Increasing the Oil Extraction Rate (OER)’ target under the ETP (Economic Transformation Programme) 2020 high-income nation aspirations).  The EPP 4’s target is to increase the oil extraction rate (OER) from palm oil fruits to 23% by Year 2020 and contribute RM13.7 billion in GNI by the same year.

The EPP 4 is being championed by the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (‘MPOB’).

Currently, the local palm oil sector’s OER is at 20.65% (as of October 2016). The country’s OER has remained unchanged at about 20.62% (reported for Year 2014.)

The increase in 0.5% of OER that AQUAECOSRORS has successfully proven to achieve, will be able to boost the target achievement of EPP by 21%  to 21.15% OER.