In the palm oil industry, the discharged palm oil mill raw sludge is collected in containment ponds. It then requires a series of treatment and processes to make it safe for disposal back into the environment. This has proven to be a bane to the industry and, in certain countries, has become a social issue with pollution destroying the drinking water supply of the whole population.

The AQUAECOSRORS technology, the first of its kind in the world, is a revolutionary filter system that changes this palm oil discharge scenario. It provides significant environmental and added commercial returns for palm oil millers.

Added Commercial Returns

In the deployment of the AQUAECOSRORS, about 80% of the oil in the raw sludge is recovered back as crude palm oil. This increases the palm oil mill’s overall Oil Extraction Rate (‘OER’) by about 0.5% or by about 2.5% of net production.

Environmental Benefits

AQUAECOSRORS‘s revolutionary advantage for the environment is that it reduces the toxicity of the wastewater by 70% and removes all the suspended solid and oil before it is discharged into the environment.